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The Secret to a Quick At-Home Workout

Over the last year, we’ve seen Instagram’s fitness community explode in popularity. Many brands and content creators have leaned heavily on showcasing quick at-home workout and apps for those seeking their fitness fix. Our homes were molded to become the new all-in-one stop shop. And there was a time where we were slightly excited to create our own personal mini gyms and workout stations. But even with all of the IG inspiration, working out can […]


The Best Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

With the long winter finally behind us comes the warm breeze and sunny skies we have all been waiting for. And as we find ourselves enjoying the outdoors more, may we not forget the most crucial part of all in our skincare routines: sunscreen.  While you should be wearing sunscreen everyday, regardless of the weather forecast and even as you continue to spend your days inside, wearing sunscreen as you head out to enjoy the […]


3 Steps for a Meaningful Morning Routine

Pandemic life has affected everyone differently. Personally, until this year, my days had always been structured for me. My morning routine resulted in me having to be either at school or at work. After graduating from college last June (and being unemployed since the pandemic hit), my days have been empty of any planned engagements. I have to admit that I embraced being lazy for a while. I thought, “who wouldn’t want to sit inside […]


Cracking the Code on Oils for Hair Care

If you made it to the “natural hair” portion of your hair journey, you’ve probably had some experience with raw carrier oils. With the mid-2000s influx of naturalistas, the term “natural” gained emphasis and became a standard in hair care. Chemical treatments and frequent heat application were just first of the many habits that were left in the dust. Simpler and healthier hair became pop. Natural oils also joined the group. Unfortunately, misguided newbies who […]


5 Easy Ways to Recharge Your Mind on Sunday

I’ve never been a huge fan of Mondays. I typically move throughout the day feeling lethargic and anticipating the next day. But as of late, I’ve been trying to lean into the “I love Mondays” energy by thinking of the day as an opportunity for a fresh start. But in order to set myself up for success, I have had to conquer getting past the Sunday Sadness. You know, those feelings that creep in and […]