The 5-Step Guide for Growing Out Your Brows

There’s one beauty trend that you can count on to be around for the long run — and that is thick, bold eyebrows. People have realized how much a good and full brow can change their face and cringe at the reminder of the days when skinny, over-plucked brows were the thing.

For those #blessed in the brow department, this is your season to shine. No time and money trying to get them waxed, tweezed, microbladed, or threaded, right? But for the ladies who have to put forth a little bit more effort, one tiny look at Zendaya can make you want to pick up the nearest brow pencil. Now that Instagram-brows have been booted, natural brows can stand front and center.

Growing out thin eyebrows can be the most annoying, tedious thing. But after years of trial and error, I’ve found that there a few things that can make the growing-out brow process a smidge bearable.

1. Speed up the growth process

Hair growth supplements don’t only cause the hair on your head to grow, but they can speed up hair growth all-around, which means your eyebrows may receive a boost. Adding biotin to your vitamin intake can result in all kinds of benefits, from hair, to nails, to skin.

Many essential oils can also lead to hair growth when applied consistently throughout the day and week. One of my favorites to cover my brows in is castor oil and vitamin E. These two oils can get you the Brooke Shields bushy look, faster.

2. Work with what you’ve got

It seems like whenever I go a long time without grooming my eyebrows, they look sooo much thinner than we I actually have them plucked. And this makes it 10x harder to fill them in (ugh). This is why it’s okay to lean on your brow pencil and volumizing brow gels to get those pesky hairs standing up and fuller.

Be sure to be delicate, though. Too much manipulation can lead to breakage and hair loss. When you’re filling in your brows, try not to press too hard or roughly tug. Your brows need to be nurtured and will thank you for treating them kindly.

3. Only trim them

It’s recommended that to grow out your eyebrows completely, you shouldn’t tweeze them for at least 15 weeks. And those first 8 weeks are the most brutal. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t look cute along the way. As I mentioned, when you’re growing out your brows, every wee little hair counts, but maintaining a shape in the meantime is still important. Put away the tweezers, bring out the eyebrow scissors and keep them trimmed rather than plucked.

4. Keep them clear of skincare

It’s important to use skincare products that won’t clog your brows’ hair follicles. But if you are applying thick products, like creams and serums, keep them away from your eyebrows. If clogged, your eyebrows will stop growing or possibly lead to the hairs falling out.

5. Remember to practice patience

Please believe me when I say you’ll be wanting to wax those patchy brows at week four and it can feel like fullness is a lifetime away. But remember that your eyebrows are hair, and just how the hair on your head takes time to grow, so do the brow babies. Shower them with love and give them the opportunity to reach their full brow game potential.

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