10 Essentials to Include in Your Guest Room

Secret’s out, I love creating a wishlist of all the things I want in my future house. I’m so excited for the day where I can properly host my family and friends for overnight visits. Now as I’m in my home search, I’m adamant about having enough bedrooms for a guest room. My biggest concern is to offer them the *best* staycation. So, I thought about ten essentials to prepare the perfect guest room. I know that some of these might be a little overboard, but why not spoil your guests?!

Think about what you’d find in a hotel room and make that the template for your own guest room.

While you don’t have to be a hospitality guru to have a welcoming space, you can practice good hospitality and take a page from their book. Whether you have a whole guest suite to offer or just a re-purposed child’s bedroom, make your guest’s space their own personal haven. If your guests feel like they have a space of their own, they will likely be more relaxed during their stay. And you will, too, since you’ll know you’ve taken care of them so well!

1. Full-length mirror

It gives your room a touch of design and a sensation of space and luminosity. A dresser mirror can be great when you’re putting on makeup or accessories. But who doesn’t want to see their whole outfit put together before they leave the house? Add a full-length mirror to an empty side of a wall or install one behind the room door or closet door. If you have the space, standing mirrors also make beautiful decorative pieces.

2. Lights of some sort

Choosing good lights is very important for your guest room essentials. Add bedside lamps, a chandelier for the entire room, or even a floor lamp to create a warm design.

3. Instructions for accessing the WiFi

Don’t forget to provide your guests with your WiFi password so they can access your internet as needed. Put it on a heavyweight index card and you can reuse it for any future visits.

4. Plenty of extra towels, blankets, and pillows

Include a bath towel, hand & face towel, and washcloth for each person. Consider those who are always cold, and those who are forever warm. Keeping these extras on hand ensures comfort, no matter what the likes or dislikes may be. If you don’t have storage for these items in closets or cabinets, roll them up and place them in baskets on the bed or floor.

5. Wastebasket

Because they shouldn’t have to search to throw away anything.

6. Basic toiletry set

It’s a nice touch to have some shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, lotion, and toothpaste on hand, in case guests forget to bring something. You can store them either in their room or the bathroom they’ll be using.

7. Iron and ironing board

To me, this is a must-have that’s often overlooked. Your guests likely have wrinkled clothing after their travels, and it’ll be of some relief to have their needs taken care of before they even have to ask. Add an iron to your stock of guest room supplies, as well as an ironing board. If you’re working with limited space, you can get an over-the-door board or a tabletop ironing board.

8. Clock

Let your guests turn their cell phones off and use the alarm on their bedside table. They can check the time at night with just a quick glance, and don’t have to worry about a cell phone’s light blaring in their face.

9. An empty dresser or closet with hangers

Instead of cramming the guest room closet with stored stuff, clear the space for your guests to hang up their clothes and stash shoes and extra bags. If a closet is unavailable, you can alternatively clear out a few dresser drawers for their use.

10. Beautiful welcome basket

I mentioned spoiling is a part of guest room essentials, right? Why not create a welcome basket for their nightstand and fill it with some sweets like a box of chocolates, chewing gum, or other candies? Maybe even add a pack of wet wipes or beauty products.

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