10 Things Every Woman Should Have for Her Home

Contrary to what I believed as a kid, a sophisticated Parisian chateau-inspired home with French doors, large windows, beautiful china, and hints of marble comes at a cost. This dream was quickly shattered when I realized that my young adult budget could only afford a little more than a third floor walk up with carpet and stainless steel appliances.

But, there is hope. When picking out things for your home, it’s important to make wise purchases that will last. You need to find those staple items every woman’s home needs that have style with an affordable price tag. This is not the easiest feat, so to help you, here are my top 10 picks that every woman should have in her home.

1. Good, comfortable sheets that make sleeping feel like a dream

Preferably a full matching set, in a gorgeous color or pattern. You can’t truly begin anew while getting your slumber on those same raggedy sheets that have been around the block since your youth. They don’t necessarily have to be made of the finest Egyptian cotton, but swapping out those flimsy sheets you’ve had since college for some new bedding will leave you looking forward to getting into bed at the end of each and every day.

2. A living plant to add some fresh greenery

Nothing says “I have my life together” like a living, breathing, flowering organism that is only alive because of your commitment and diligence. Consider getting some plants to add a green element to your home. If you’re in a small space with limited light, try a pothos jades or snake plant which requires little sunshine. If you’re new to being a plant person, try an aloe vera or cactus which are low maintenance.

3. A proper, reliable vacuum

There’s nothing like a clean home; it brings a sense of calmness. One of the best ways to get rid of those little crumbs and avoid the dust bunnies is by investing in a quality vacuum. A vacuum that gets into those nooks and crannies will be worth the money spent.

4. A decent kitchen table

No matter how big or small, a table is necessary. Something that can separate your kitchen from your living room or workspace from TV is worth the investment and can give you a peace of mind. Spicing up the room with a table allows you to have a workspace, eating area, or a place to spread out your stuff.

5. A scented room candle

Every home needs a good candle. They are the epitome of comfort and class. There’s just something so soothing and homey about the sweet scent and lighting of a candle that brings a different ambiance to every room.

6. A piece of art you really love

It’s time to retire the handbags that are considered your wall art. Replace them with a piece of wall art to enhance your home’s interior design. Doesn’t need to be expensive — it can be from your local flea market or a friend in art school, but every home should include a photo, painting, drawing, or sculpture that expresses your personality and makes your place shine.

7. A quality coffee maker that gives you the perfect brew

As you’ve probably already figured out, not going to the world’s most popular coffee shop (to not be named) is going to save you money each month. But there’s also something so fulfilling about perfecting your own coffee; whether that be through a French press, espresso, cappuccino, oat milk latte, etc. A quality coffee or espresso maker is worth every dollar because it’s what helps you start your morning and launch a successful day.

8. Toolbox set

I am all for every woman owing a tool kit. My toolbox has been incredibly helpful to have, in all sorts of situations. You can hang pictures, reupholster a chair, or replace a light fixture all on your own. Buy yourself a toolbox that has all the essentials (a screwdriver, nails, hammer, etc.) to handle all of your minor home improvement needs.

9. A utensil holder

Looking to add a little cute flair to your kitchen? Get yourself a kitchen utensil crock or holder to store and organize your cooking utensils directly on your kitchen counters, instead of storing them elsewhere.

10. A high pressure shower head

Because who likes to take a shower with water that trinkles because of low water pressure? Treat yourself to a fancy showerhead that will turn an average shower into a spa experience.

What are some other necessities every woman needs in her home? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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