At-Home Date Nights to Try This Weekend

You know the importance of regular date nights to keep the romance alive, right? After staying at home for nearly two months, “date night” now feels like a pipe dream; just like how you probably reminisce on going to the grocery store or running any other errand without fear taking over. But date night shouldn’t be compromised because of the quarantine.

Spicing up the romance might be the last thing on your mind during a time like this, but remaining connected to your partner is just one of the ways to balance your mental health. And on top of that, these date nights will give you something to look forward to. Here are 12 date nights to try this weekend with your love.

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1. Create your own happy hour

Since you and your significant other are probably spending most of the day doing your own thing, plan a time to have your own at-home happy hour. Tell them to meet you in the living room or on the patio at 5pm, make some fancy cocktails, and pull out the charcuterie board or chips & salsa.

2. Have a dance party for two

You can practice learning some of those new Tik Tok dances (without a group of people watching). Or if you’re missing doing your classic two step on Saturday nights, set up your own mini club in the living room. Many DJs have taken their talents to Instagram Live — I’d recommend checking out DJ DNice’s recurring sets, also known as “Club Quarantine.” Turn the lights down low, put the music up high, slide into your favorite (stretchy) dancing attire, and get ready to dance the night away.

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3. Have breakfast in bed

Yeah, I know, breakfast in bed is usually a morning thing, but why not make it an evening date? Breakfast for dinner always tastes better and eating it in bed (with a champagne-heavy mimosa) will add to the luxury and make you feel like you’re on a vacay. You might actually realize that sometimes eating at home while relaxing in your PJs might not be that bad.

4. Set up a picnic

If the weather permits and it’s warm outside, enjoy the evening by laying out a picnic blanket in the backyard and enjoy dinner while looking at the stars. If it’s still a bit chilly outdoors or you don’t have a full backyard, DIY your picnic by spreading a blanket on the floor in the living room. Make it extra romantic by lighting some candles and turning on soft tunes to play in the background. Enjoy this night of simplicity.

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5. Movie marathon

Don’t binge the same Netflix show every night (yes, Hollywood and Dead to Me are obviously super good), switch it up by planning a movie marathon that’s on shuffle. Watch as many movies as you possibly can, throw some of your faves in the mix, or pick a genre that the two of you love (action-packed or historical dramas are both great choices). Share a bag of popcorn and put the phones away. It’s snuggle time. You might be missing date nights at the movie theater, but just remember you can’t wear pajamas or fall asleep halfway through the movie (without feeling super guilty).

6. Start a two-person book club.

Pick out a book that you’ll both enjoy and read it at the same time. Choose a date to finish it by and schedule an in-person or virtual discussion about the book. Feel free to grab the wine and cheese board to top it off.

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7. Have a game night

Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition?! No matter how long you’ve been together, a small back and forth challenge can get the sparks flying. Bring out the Uno cards, stack your Jenga, or get your chess game on. You can stick to one game, or make a it a “best 3 out of 3” tournament to see who is the real champion.

8. Cook together

Cooking together turns dinner into quality time. Delegate grilling duty to your significant other for some fancy kebabs, or roll out dough together for homemade lasagna. If cooking isn’t one (or both) of your strong suits, order takeout and bake a dessert instead. Even making a simple batch of brownies or chocolate chip cookies will be fun (and yummy) to do together.

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