The Art of Gift-Giving

It’s that time of the year again where everyone is rippin’ and runnin’  around, trying to brainstorm what to get their loved ones for Christmas. While I sometimes hit a wall, I like to pride myself on being efficient and effective when it comes to gift-giving. My easiest tactic is one that’s pretty obvious, but it continues to be the best strategy of them all: I make mental notes throughout the year. Anytime a loved one mentions something they like or want, I try my hardest to remember it. That way, I can surprise them with it at a later date. This grants me the opportunity to gift them with something they’d genuinely enjoy and treasure, rather than an item they’d just put on the shelf to collect dust.

Another strategy I like to implement is thinking about the gift receiver’s day-to-day life and how I can help make it just a wee bit easier. If the person likes to workout and frequents the gym, I’d consider gifting them a quality gym bag to store their clothes, shoes, water bottle, etc. If he or she enjoys all things wellness, I’ll look for a yoga mat and gear, stress-relieving adult coloring book, that sort of thing. This type of gift-giving will show them how much you care about improving or easing up their regular routine and way of life.

A gifting method I haven’t really dived into quite yet is treating my loved ones to something that doesn’t necessarily come from a store. Though it is amazing to receive cool gadgets and products, memorable gifts that will create experiences are another avenue worth exploring. No, you don’t necessarily have to go for broke trying to do this — you can gift them to a weekday night activity (like a dance class, dinner for 2 at a 5-star restaurant, etc.) Although these gifts only grant a one-time opportunity, the receiver will have something fun to look forward to in their schedule… and they can possibly use it even when Christmas is over.

Happy Giving!

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