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Recovering From a Day Where Everything Went Wrong

Long work meetings, broken phone screens, and lack of sleep are just a few possible ingredients for a disastrous day. But when it comes to disorder, challenges do seem to come in waves. When everything seems to be going wrong, it’s tempting to draw up some dark conclusions quickly. Nothing is going right. My life is a hot mess. The Universe is working against me overtime. But it’s in the moment of a crisis that […]


The Ultimate List of Summer Beauty Essentials

The season of bare skin, glistening makeup, and effortless hair is finally upon us once again! Here’s the ultimate list of summer beauty essentials in body and skin care, makeup, and hair you won’t be able to go without this year. 1 OF 4 Body Bali Full Body Glow Giving your skin a sun-kissed glow is a summer necessity. Packed with aloe and argan oil, Range Beauty’s Bali Full Body Glow provides an illuminating golden […]


How Saving Water at Home Helps Save the World

Earth’s composition is about 70 percent water, yet there’s such a limited amount that we’re able to use. So much of it is currently caught in a waste stream. With Spring making its debut and Earth Day here, I’ve been thinking about how we all play a role in taking care of the planet — and while it’d be nice to claim that we all do everything in our power to support Mother Nature, the […]