3 Steps for a Meaningful Morning Routine

Pandemic life has affected everyone differently. Personally, until this year, my days had always been structured for me. My morning routine resulted in me having to be either at school or at work. After graduating from college last June (and being unemployed since the pandemic hit), my days have been empty of any planned engagements.

I have to admit that I embraced being lazy for a while. I thought, “who wouldn’t want to sit inside and binge-watch TV all day?” Well, I discovered that way of life isn’t necessarily cut out for me. To be honest, mornings have been the toughest for me to get through. I often feel intimidated with a whole day ahead of me that I have nothing planned for.

People need a purpose to have a will to go on. I have struggled with finding what my purpose is, especially when it comes to day-to-day life. However, adopting a meditative morning routine, as well as prioritizing self-care everyday, has helped me squeeze more meaning and enjoyment out of life at home. It is crucial to live in the present moment. Take some time in the morning to do so and to seek meaning from within. I realized that this is the most important time to check in with myself and set my intentions for the day. 

If you have also been struggling with how to start your day, here are three small steps you can take to create a simple, meaningful morning routine:

1. Move your body

Resist the urge to sit back down on the couch right after you get up. Good blood flow will warm up your mind and body. Stretch, go for a walk, sweep the kitchen! Do anything as long as it keeps you moving for at least a few minutes.

Personally, I have been doing simple 10-minute yoga routines recently to get my body ready for the day. The Nike Training Club mobile app offers hundreds of workouts for free, and there are plenty of 10-minute exercises of all focuses that you can fit into your morning. You can also follow along to any YouTube videos for free, or create your own routine.

2. Get fresh air

You could easily combine this with moving your body by going on a walk outside, or you could open up a few windows in the house. The sun will nourish your body, and the abundance of oxygen in the air will also perk up your mind.

After opening your windows or stepping outside, take a few slow, deep breaths. Focus on how it opens up your lungs and slows down your thoughts. Taking your time and appreciating the little things are important steps in maintaining a healthy routine.

3. Keep a journal

Write down what you want to accomplish today, no matter how big or small. This will help you manifest your goals by putting them in front of you. The feeling of crossing an item off your list will also boost your mood with a sense of accomplishment.

You should also write down how you feel at the start of each day. This is a great way to unload any feelings and move on from them, and it will also show your progress in your morning routine. Plus, it’s comforting to keep track of all small changes, so you can reflect and feel good about yourself.

I hope that these steps help you find more peace and excitement in your life everyday. Feel free to share in the comments any more ways that you get yourself going the morning!

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