32 Small Things to Do for Yourself Today

Our lives are definitely different, but life is still happening. I don’t want to jump the gun here or speak a little too soon as things can change within a millisecond, but I’ve been feeling a little better lately. Maybe I’m beginning to get used to the slow rhythm of quarantine life, or maybe my mood has just let me be less caught up in my feelings.

Oddly, I feel like I’m inhaling and exhaling a little less heavily since this has all began, and I really want to take that as a good sign. My honest feelings since lockdown have been up and down and all over the place. At the start of all of this, I felt afraid of possibly regretting wasting away my time and not having anything to show at the end. But I think I’ve found a happy medium – doing what I can and easing up on the self-pressure. I’m unsure how long this comfortable state of mind will last, and I’m uncertain how I’ll handle what comes my way next, but I want to indulge in the current.

Perhaps you need to relax and recover to feel better, or maybe you need to feel like you’ve accomplished a goal and rearranging your wardrobe. Choose happiness and make it your first priority of everyday. Do things in moderation, and remember, not everyday has to be a huge checklist. Here are 32 small things you can do for yourself today that’ll bring you the one thing we all desperately need right now: solace.

1. Read a book you loved as a kid

2. Learn a new word every day

3. Paint one of your old picture frames a new color

4. Create a “feel good” playlist with all of your fav songs

5. Wash your linen (clean, fresh sheets = best sleep everrr)

6. Watch a movie that you’ve always pretended to have seen

7. Paint one of your old picture frames a new color

8. Repot your plant babies

9. Write a letter to an old friend

10. Eat that piece of chocolate, or cookie… or brownie…

11. Start and finish a coloring book page

12. Take an early afternoon nap (you know, the one right after lunch)

13. Take a look up at the clouds

14. Donate to a cause or charity

15. Text someone a compliment

16. Relax in a bubble bath (with extra bubbles)

17. Listen to a song you loved in middle school

18. Make a s’more in the oven

19. Go for a mental health walk or run

20. Cuddle up with your fur baby

21. Experiment with different makeup looks

22. Drink an extra glass of water

23. Re-watch your favorite TV series

24. Put together a bowl of fresh fruit

25. Wear a fancy outfit

26. Put on a sheet mask

27. Create art (of your choice)

28. Take a virtual world tour

29. Disconnect

30. Learn how to DIY your favorite cocktail

31. Get into aromatherapy

32. Brew a cup of coffee and go sit on the patio

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