4 Simple Ways to Disconnect After Work

If you work nearly every day, you sometimes forget to enjoy your week. When you get off of work, you’re probably in robot-mode and your routine goes something like this:

Immediately whip off your bra, jump in the shower, put on your comfiest sweats before settling in front of the TV and ordering from DoorDash. Amirite? All of my grand plans for cleaning up a little bit, doing a load of laundry, and cooking a Pinterest-worthy dinner that would make Rachael Ray jealous seem to disappear into the wind.

Your mind is focused on your workday, and it doesn’t allow you to rest and enjoy the day or evening. But guess what? You need to disconnect. You have this right! The answer is to overhaul your after-work routine. If your mornings are already squared away, it’s time to look at the 5-8pm range to maximize your time and begin living a less stressful life. Here are my best tips to help you disconnect after work:

Have a real moment just for yourself

Usually, after a rough day, the first thing I do is to sprawl onto the couch or my bed, and worst… I begin scrolling on Instagram or Twitter, and I can stay like this for sooo long! Two hours later, I am still there, my head full of unnecessary information, then, I don’t have the energy to cook a healthy meal or read a book.

If you come home (or are even working from home) from a stressful day and want to have a productive night, you need to take some time decompress. Take your dog for a long walk or spend a few minutes with your journal to blow off some steam. The goal is to unwind without a full bedtime routine, but just enough to recharge your batteries.

Choose a leisure activity

My advice is take a bath and enjoy a face mask, read, watch a movie, or end your day by calling a friend. Relaxation assured!

Get some fresh air

A simple walk can change your mood and give you a clear mind. Go to the park (remember to social distance!) or just around your neighborhood. It’s so easy to stay on the couch waiting for the next day, but this will make you feel like you spent the week at work. Allow yourself to fully disconnect from your work.

Create healthy habits

No matter how many healthy dinner recipes I pin on Pinterest, by the time I wrap up the workday, I’m tired, ravenous, and will scarf down an amount of Lay’s classic chips that would put teenager to shame. During your weekly grocery shop, pick up a few healthy snacks that you’ll look forward to munching on to hold you over until dinner. Spread some peanut butter on apple slices or grab a handful of trail mix. Before you know it, you’ll notice the difference and the importance of “leaving work at work.”

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