Lily and the Magic Comb Is the Perfect Gift This Season

Lily and the Magic Comb was written by V V Brown and illustrated by Kate Hazell. It tells a beautiful story of a young girl and her hair comb that takes her on a wild adventure and affirms her that she belongs in all spaces and can achieve all of her desires. If you’re worried about the lack of diversity in your child’s book collection or want to ensure they see full characters and themselves mirrored in their reading list, this book is the perfect window for the importance of seeing multi-cultural protagonists. When children of color feel seen and are represented in literature, their ambitions, dreams, and goals feel attainable and their voices are elevated.

What is it about…

In celebration of her birthday, Lily’s mom gifts her with an extra-special hair comb in this ode to self-acceptance and life’s paradise of endless possibilities.

Lily’s comb guides her on an imaginative journey: from dancing on planet Saturn to sipping tea with a scientist. It stays by her side the entire time. And Lily trusts it to take her wherever. When Lily’s adventure comes to an end, she and the comb begin to drift into slumber. Mom steps in the room as Lily is closing her eyes and assures Lily that she (and her hair) are powerful.

What we think…

Lily and the Magic Comb is the go-to book for instilling and encouraging confidence in children at an early age.

I want to commend the author, V V Brown, for showing a Mom who empowers her child and actively works to boost their confidence. It’s wonderful reading a book that recognizes that parents are a child’s first and forever teachers and are the foundation for their development.

Through Lily and the Magic Comb, children can grow an understanding and appreciation for themselves, but also others around them. Literature has a significant influence on crafting a child’s imagination, social conscience, and world view. Consequently, it is vital that a child is exposed to readings that display various cultures in a positive and healthy light. We live in a diverse world, full of people from all walks. And if we want our children to flourish and carry empathy, we must present them with an accurate and realistic impression of the world at large.

I also would like to applaud the book’s illustrations! Kate Hazell’s drawings are captivating, vivid, and brings the story to its fullest life. They’ll make you even more excited to flip to the next page! Have a peek yourself at one of the illuminating pages below.

Lily and the Magic Comb encourages readers to own their identity, embrace life’s adventures, and honor their truest selves. We all have our own magic hair comb.

Don’t wait, grab your copy of Lily and the Magic Comb here (or here!) today! It’s sure to be one of the most-loved books on your child’s shelf this holiday season.

Disclosure: A Rich Lifestyle was provided a copy of Lily and the Magic Comb in exchange for an honest review.

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