The 15 Things I Absolutely Loved This Year

With 2021 knocking on the front door, I thought a recap of all of my favorite finds of 2020 was only right. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that you truly have to seek out the things that will bring you joy — from re-decorating your home to bringing the spa to your own bathroom. We saw many of changes throughout the year: how we work, how we live, with an emphasis on being at home. I’ve constantly found myself talking to anyone who’d listen about my new discoveries, whether that be the latest show to stream, the recipe that is mouthwatering, or the coolest item I’ve added to my cart (or wishlist). It’s the little luxuries like these that leave us feeling a bit sane in times of crisis. Flip through below for 15 of the best things I loved, watched, and bought this year.

1. Prebiotic Hand Soap – I came across this lovely find earlier this year in my tedious search for hand soap. As you may recall, the American people completely wiped out the stores for basic household items. This ultimately led me to search the web for the things I could no longer buy in-store. Alas, Tom’s Prebiotic Hand Soap is literally one of the best products I’ve bought in recent years. It comes in various scents: green apple, lavender, peppermint, blood orange, and rose. (Yes, I’ve tried them all *chef’s kiss*) Not only does it smell delightful, it leaves your hands feeling fresh without drying them out.

2. Biker Shorts – In an attempt to spice up my loungewear, I bought a few pairs of these compression/biker shorts. They are super soft and extremely comfortable (aka don’t give you that weird bunched up crotch situation), plus they’re high-waist!

3. Organization Book – I discovered this book in particular while looking for nice coffee table reads. It’s a great treasure if you’re in the process of making changes to your home and need a little help with figuring out where to store things and how to properly declutter your space.

4. ‘Girlfriends – Though this may not technically be a new find, I did indeed watch the show through a completely new lens now as an adult. In case you’re not familiar, the show was originally released in 2000. I was 7 years old… Now that I’m older, I was definitely able to understand the content and characters waaayyy more.

5. Dish Drying Rack – Shockingly, there are days where I opt out of using the dishwasher and go back to my roots: hand washing dirty dishes. Though there often overlooked, a rack where your dishes can air-dry is a handy option that will be one your best and most important buys.

6. Floral Dress – It’s nice to switch from leggings and a tee every now and again. This floral dress was the perfect outfit for a hot, summer day. It’s lightweight with a flirty flare.

7. Patio Furniture – At about week two of quarantine, I decided I needed to make a purchase for outdoor furniture, quickly. This set is simple, yet super durable. It has continued to last through the many Georgia elements.

8. Shaggy Blanket – This is the best, coziest faux fur throw blanket that adds a bit of texture to any room. It’s perfect to drape over your sofa or bed.

9. ‘Virgin River’ – If you’re a romance gal who loves a good Hallmark-esque story, add this Netflix Original to your watchlist now! This gentle series will give you all the feels and comfort you need in 2021.

10. Memory Foam Pillows – In the words (somewhat) of my best friend, invest in your sleep experience. These memory foam pillows have elevated my slumber by 10 million. My usual tossing and turning is now limited and I wake up feeling rested & rejuvenated.

11. Cast Iron Skillet – Let’s talk about quality. A solid, dependable cast iron skillet is one of those things that makes the taste of food even better. I must admit, this was definitely one of the purchases I made after having a craving for Southern fried catfish.

12. ‘Bridgerton – New Netflix show alert! This amazing period piece, adapted from Julia Quinn’s romance series, was such a good watch. To the point that I binged it in 1.5 days. Thanks, Shonda!

13. Insulated Grocery Bags – Though we were unable to travel much this year, we did take some short nearby trips, and these insulated grocery bags were the perfect size to store all of our food items.

14. Peppermint Bark – Dark chocolate. White chocolate. Crushed peppermint. Ugh, what a dream. I’ve been in love with peppermint bark for at least the last five years. I truly cannot get enough of it. The perfect snack for the holiday season (and beyond, honestly).

15. Wine Aerator – This wine aerator has been one of my most-gifted purchases in 2020. It allows you to smell the wine more, as well as ‘breathe.’

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