The Secret to a Quick At-Home Workout

Over the last year, we’ve seen Instagram’s fitness community explode in popularity. Many brands and content creators have leaned heavily on showcasing quick at-home workout and apps for those seeking their fitness fix. Our homes were molded to become the new all-in-one stop shop. And there was a time where we were slightly excited to create our own personal mini gyms and workout stations. But even with all of the IG inspiration, working out can still be a challenge. Sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Our bodies tell us “no” and we are tempted to oblige because keeping up with that strenuous workout routine already seemed like a chore.

On these days where you are not necessarily in the mood to get moving, take a minute to listen to your body and learn why you’re not feeling up to it… then find the motivation start again. Movement is crucial for all parts of health: physical, mental, emotional. It can help you feel like your happiest and best self, even in the times when you’re down in the dumps, overwhelmed, or extremely busy.

Whether your biggest hurdle is not having enough time to exercise or just not having the motivation, there are ways to work around it. By finding workouts you love that also are time-efficient, working out no longer has to be something that you dread with every fiber of your being. Here’s how High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be a lifesaver on *those* kind of days where you need a quick at-home workout.

So, what’s the secret?

Is it possible to perform quicker workouts and reach your desired results? Well, HIIT thinks so. High Intensity Interval Training usually consists of short sessions of full body workouts that can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes (or longer!). The goal is for the intensity to make up for the time less spent on more paced cardio sessions, like running or biking. HIIT offers a variety of exercises, such as:

They all can be modified to your fitness level. The overall idea is to push yourself for a shorter period, and allowing yourself to burn more calories in less time at the target heart rate. Your energy level should be between sweat and still being able to slightly speak. Always adjust to the cues of overexertion! As with any new workout regimen, HIIT circuits should be eased into and performed with caution. The goal here is exercise with flexibility (not for landing splits), but getting it in where you can!

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