7 Fun Hobbies to Take Up This Summer

If you’re a working adult, you’ve probably found that having hobbies is a thing of your past. But it doesn’t have to be! Remember when you were a kid and curiosity stole the show quite often, resulting in you trying new things and picking up random hobbies (ex: drawing chalk murals on the sidewalk)? While some of us are able to channel that same creativity in our work, it’s definitely not an everyday opportunity to use the right side of our brain. You might’ve even noticed that most of this adult free time is filled with a whole lot of Netflix (or your choice of streaming service) and chill.

There’s definitely no shame in cozying up and indulging in your favorite shows, but there are many, many ways to release your individuality through several other outlets!

As summer makes her way to town, now is the perfect time to make the most of the extra daylight and energy provided by the sun’s rays. Cheers to exploring what releases your stresses and brings pure joy to your soul. And may that hobby become a part of your regular routine.

Here are 7 cool things you can add to your “fun summer things to do” list.

  1. Nature journaling. Take your favorite notebook and pen/pencil outdoors and write down what you see! If you consider yourself a mini Picasso (like I do), ramp it up and draw those things instead. You might just notice yourself becoming 10x calmer and finding your zen.
  2. Unlock new hiking trails. If you want to embrace the outdoors with open arms, hiking is one of the best activities to do. Search for some of the best trails in your area and enjoy the fresh air!
  3. Sign up for a dance class. Ballet, contemporary, hip-hop — whatever your style is, let loose and move your body!
  4. Start doing yoga and meditating. Get more into centering yourself and connecting with your spirit. Allow yourself to quiet your mind and tap into your inner peace.
  5. Grow your own garden. Whether you believe you have a green or black thumb, it’s definitely worth a try.
  6. Learn a second (or third) language. Dedicate some time this season to brush up on the language you learned in a grade school elective course.
  7. Make your own candles. If you’re a fan of seasonal scents, add some new smells to your home and even gift them!

Give some of these activities a try and see how they make you feel. Don’t put too much thought into it, just do it. You may just find your new favorite hobby that goes past the summer season.

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