8 Things to Do While Social Distancing at Home

Though many of us are home for the foreseeable future, I wanted to share some things to do while we are social distancing. It can be really exhausting and overwhelming scrolling and refreshing news stories related to the ‘Rona. Though I’m not suggesting we ignore or try to tune out what’s happening, you should definitely unplug and occasionally step away. I have found myself doing a lot of things I either have been putting off or just simply haven’t taken the time to do. That said, I wanted to share some ideas for how to use your time at home. Be well, and take care of yourself.

1. Cleaning.

  • Clean out and sanitize your bathroom cabinet – Use this opportunity to go through your makeup, ditch the old stuff, and wash any brushes or applicators.
  • Organize your closet – Twice a year I like to rearrange my closet. Swap out the fall/winter clothes for the spring/summer clothes type of thing. But with all of this free time at home, why not spice things up and go full Marie Kondo on your wardrobe?!
  • Sort out your pantry – I frequently go through our kitchen cabinets to make sure there isn’t anything expired or just forgotten about.
  • Deep clean all surfaces. Dust off the ceiling fans. Wipe down the baseboards. Vacuum between the couch cushions. After all, it is the spring cleaning season!

2. Dive into the culinary world.

Craving that one Thai dish (which would be green curry for me) from your favorite local spot? Tired of making the same ol’ same ol’ dishes? No better time to try new recipes. Get creative and use what you already have. Here are some recipes I found via Pinterest and have made that are absolutely delicious.

3. Redecorate.

You don’t necessarily have to buy anything to redecorate. Try moving artwork to a different side of the wall (or completely different room). Change up your furniture and how it’s placed throughout the room. It can be as simple as re-arranging furniture and moving things around in your house. If you need inspiration I have some interior styling looks I love on this Pinterest board.

4. Pick up a new hobby or skill.

I’m on day 16 of social distancing and have already found myself trying to learn or improve multiple skills throughout the week. My two latest have been HTML + CSS coding and cornrowing my hair (don’t laugh).

5. Work on your green thumb.

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons, despite my late onset allergies. So it’s a bit of a bummer that this period of isolation is taking place during springtime, but we shall not dwell on the bad! It’s still a beautiful season for gardening and many of us could benefit from spending the next few weeks getting our hands dirty. Whether you’ll be slowly transforming your entire backyard, or nursing a few potted plants inside your apartment, this is one easy way to add beauty and new life to your space, and enjoy some moments of peace in your routine.

6. Listen to podcasts.

Podcasts have truly become one of my favorite things over the last couple of years. There are tons of good ones out there that appeal to just about every type of person and their interests. I’ve compiled a few of the ones I love, and maybe you will, too.

7. Call family or a friend.

It can feel lonely and isolating being at home for days at a time. Check in with family and friends. Facetime or set up some kind of video chat so you can actually see each other, maybe even do a virtual happy hour or brunch date.

8. At home spa day.

*inserts #treatyoself* Forreal, treat yourself to some relaxation at home. Light your candle of choice, put on your favorite tunes, and slap on that face mask. At this point, we all deserve a little TLC.

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