Achieving Your Goals This Fall

Fall is right around the corner. And yes, I know that it doesn’t officially begin for another three weeks, but the seasonal shift is definitely kicking in. So this is the perfect time to use the energy and mindset change to help you reach your goals and reaffirm any commitments you made to yourself this year.

Why do people look forward to this particular seasonal change?

While summer means warm weather, more time spent outdoors, and much needed breaks, the cool, crisp fall air brings in a wind of refreshing newness. It gives you the opportunity to start life anew. Seasonal changes bring about a phenomenal shift of new energy, revitalization, and remind us what we’ve committed ourselves to. This new burst of vitality facilitates movement and evolution.

How can I make the most of it?

Direct your focus on your commitments. Whether it’s altering your eating habits or adding more value to your career, our allegiance to ourselves holds a ton of power. I would recommend working on two or three different areas of your life at a time, more can be too exhausting and lead to burnout. Take the time to truly figure out what your goals are and list out an actionable plan to accomplish them. If you can figure out the why behind your goals, it will give you the base to propel forward and meet them.

What’s the best way to ensure I do that?

The question I find myself asking is “what will this ultimately give you in the end?” Continuously asking yourself that question until your answer is strictly one word, will allow you to explore what is driving this goal. Is it the desire for instant gratification? Is it for something longer-lasting? Identifying this underlying feeling creates more dedication and keeps your goals as the lead.

How can I add this to my day-to-day life?

Another thing I’m working to do as I make changes in life, is checking in with myself daily/weekly. Asking myself what my intentions are and what do they serve. In this past, this has sometimes stopped me dead in my tracks from pursuing a goal that I thought would be beneficial. Mostly because my intentions were not aligned with my thoughts and actions. Completing small, daily actions that would help me move forward is what fueled me.

What am I to do when I feel overwhelmed?

Become familiar with what makes you overwhelmed. Think of it as a scale of 1 to 10. Learn where you can interject if something becomes too much and how you can relieve yourself. Maybe it’s through journaling or writing a comprehensive to-do list. Be a teammate to yourself and give a hand where one is needed.

Remind yourself always that adjusting to something new can be quite the challenge. Be patient, gentle, and kind with yourself as you learn to adapt. It’s the most valuable thing we can do. You will need to accept the curveballs, the ups, and the downs. Showing yourself that understanding will take you even further than you might’ve imagined.

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