What I’m Using to Combat Dry Skin This Winter

First things first, I’m no aesthetician and skincare has certainly been a trial and error game for me since I was a teen. If you can relate, one thing is for certain… seasonal weather changes often wreak havoc on your skin and hair.

But there are a couple things I’ve learned along the way to combat the causes of dry winter skin, including some simple additions to my everyday routine. With this up and down weather, I’d do just about anything to bring life back into my skin!

Step one: Cleanse.

Since I prefer more natural alternatives when it comes to facial cleansers, I’m a huge fan of the oil cleansing method. Like any beauty regimen, it does take a while to figure out which oil your skin likes. You can do some research on the benefits of each oil and what’s more effective for your skin type. Castor oil is usually recommended because it’s great for detoxing your skin, and even mixing with jojoba oil. I prefer almond oil as it’s light and perfect for the minimalist. It’s moisturizing, unclogs pores, gets rid of blemishes, and ultimately an overall amazing oil for this type of facial cleansing.

I generally take about a dime size amount into my hands and rub it into my skin in a circular motion. I’ve found that massaging it for exactly 60 seconds is a sweet spot for my skin. Then, I rinse my face with warm water so that it can bring out all of the impurities and toxins that may be under the surface and the oil can dissipate. The most important step is drying your face with a fresh, clean washcloth. I like to dab softly so that I am not wiping away all of the oil.

Step two: Tone.

After cleansing, I use my travel-size bottle with that holds a mix of water and tea tree oil. This is what I consider my toner. The bottle is typically filled a little over half with about 8 to 10 drops of tea tree oil. When I’m ready to tone, I spray the mixture onto a flat cotton pad and rub it across my face in a light, circular motion. I do the circular motion to catch any residue that I might’ve missed during the oil cleanse. I also wipe near the perimeter of my hairline to remove any makeup that was resting near it. It’s good to get the jawline, too, as makeup likes to hide along the surface.

Step three: Moisturize.

Now it’s time to lock in all of my hard work (haha). One of my new faves is aloe vera gel. I swear by this product. Before my toner completely dries, I run to the fridge and grab my aloe vera gel. I use this gel on my face every single night. Since it’s considered a “natural skin healer,” it works to help any facial imperfections. After it’s dried into my skin, I instantly feel a difference. Not only does my skin look smooth, but it helps to minimize pore size and lessens any inflammation. Sometimes after I wash my face or use a mask, my face has a reddish tint. Aloe vera gel certainly helps to relieve the redness.

While it is a great humectant, aloe gel needs to be sealed in with a good moisturizer/oil. This is where I reach for my handy, dandy almond oil again and apply a fine layer to my face again. Instead of the circular motion, I like to massage it in a upward motion so that I do not stretch the skin in just any ol’ way.

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