My Current Favorite Skincare Products

I have spent years struggling to figure out what works best for my skin and developing the perfect routine. It wasn’t until about 2015 that I discovered the healing powers in some products that were lingering around my house. So, I wanted to share what I’ve learned along the way.

First things first, I have tried just about everything on the market, from those popular commercial skin treatments to Proactiv, and even prescribed benzoyl peroxide creams. While these methods worked, the effects from the medicine were only temporary and my skin eventually reverted back to it’s old antics. About four years ago, I decided I wanted to eliminate all of the chemical-filled skincare products I had cluttering my bathroom. I just couldn’t continue to mistreat my face by applying harmful chemicals that were stripping my skin of it’s natural oils.

Instead, I started off with using pure organic virgin coconut oil as an alternative. Coconut oil was the new kid on the block around this time, and everyone was loving it! So I decided to give it a shot, and sure enough, I loved it, too! Coconut oil dissolves the dirt and makeup from your face to give you fresh, clean, and glowing skin – the components of a great moisturizer! Coconut oil has a natural antibacterial and antiviral agent that combats underlying acne and prevent any future breakouts. Fast forward a couple years, I’ve decided to add more oils, specifically essentials, and incorporate an actual wash back into my routine. That said, here are 6 products I use today:

Raw African Black Soap: You’ve probably heard all the many glorious things about African Black Soap somewhere on the web or through word-of-mouth. Well… believe them! This soap is a go-to in my weekly routine. Natural raw black soap is made from 100% organic ingredients and contains a combination of ingredients including vitamin A, shea butter, cocoa pods, and plantain peels. Among many other things, it’s primarily a gentle exfoliator that helps fight acne and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Grapeseed Oil: Truth be told, I learned about grapeseed oil from my mother. She would rave about her friend’s flawless skin being a result of grapeseed oil. So I had to see if it’d work for my skin, too.  In terms of the oils, grapeseed is one of the most popular sources of vitamin E (the key to youthfulness!). It can be used as a face wash to heal acne scars, makeup remover, and moisturizer. It’s fairly light on the skin, so it can be applied without worrying about clogged pores.

Olive Oil: This oil is not only another great source of vitamin E, but also vitamins A, D, and K. It’s ideal for acne-prone skin, as it fights off underlying bacteria and moisturizes the skin’s top layer. I tend to use it everyday in some kind of capacity – whether that be by applying it directly to my skin or my hair (it’s great for that, too).

Pure Rose Water: Rose water is a new addition to the bunch. It’s recommended to be used as a toner after washing. From antioxidants to anti-aging, this product gives the glow I’ve been looking to tackle my occasional dull skin.

Aztec Indian Healing Clay: Although I use the oils and soap as a daily face wash, I desperately wanted to incorporate a mask of some sort into my weekly routine. That’s where the Aztec Indian Healing Clay came in handy. This mask is everything I could’ve hoped for in a weekly mask. It deep cleans my pores, tightens them back up, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated, without the usual tight and dry feel I got from other masks. I love to mix it with apple cider vinegar to guarantee a deep pore cleanse!

Sweet Almond Oil: If you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with a good oil that can be used for both hair and skin. I primarily use sweet almond oil on my face for a lightweight moisturizer. It’s perfect for the summer season because it doesn’t feel heavy on my face as I attempt to conquer the sun rays.

Over time, all of the harsh chemicals from acne preventive face washes damaged my skin. From the burning, drying and peeling after effects, I couldn’t convince myself to believe it was normal for skin care remedies to do that. Truthfully, those are side effects when your skin is telling you to “cut it out.”

If you’re looking to switch up your routine, give your skin time to readjust. I’ve learned these are all things that have worked for me. Everyone’s skin reacts differently, so find what works best for you. I do believe that our planet has created natural ingredients that we can use to cure our ailments, and be rid of modified products. As you seek new products, please be sure to check out the reviews online and do your research. Here’s to clean and clear skin!

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