3 Things Natural Girls Want to Tell You

As the great Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” I made the decision to embrace my own (again) in September 2015. The journey to loving the garden that grows from my scalp has led me down a road there’s no returning from.

Along the way, I’ve had my fair share of annoyances, from the multiple textures to the fail of a twistout. But there are 3 things that top these and what natural girls want to tell you.

1. Our hair is not dry, believe it or not.

We get it. You probably meant well with your curiosity in asking. However, the appearance of hair depends on the texture. A kinky hair type will not have the shine like others, but it will have sheen. Its softness is more apparent than the shininess.​

2. Thick does not mean impossible.

Beloved stylists and critics: Yes, our hair is thick, but it can be styled properly without the drastic measures. “Ooo I don’t know what to do with all of this hair!” Just as you would with the next head, be delicate and patient. This thick mane is worth love, too.​

3. Quit asking when and if we’re going to straighten our hair.

To answer your repetitive question, I don’t have any interest in straightening my hair anytime soon. But my question to you is why? Why do I need to straighten it?

Just as yours, this is the style I choose to wear. Curls can be worn in so many ways that a blowout is not necessary. Plus, heat damage is real. And I’m not ready to take that risk . . . again. So please stop asking.

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