Best Augmented Reality Apps for Remodeling Your Home

The thought of remodeling alone seems to cause exhaustion for many, but this no longer has to be the case. With the help of augmented reality, planning and starting your remodeling process has never been easier. For those who may not be familiar, augmented reality is an interactive experience that allows us to impose digital content like images, sounds, and texts over their real-world environments. And in the world of interior design, the use of this technology has been beneficial. From adding life-size furniture to using a digital measuring tape, here are 5 of the best augmented reality apps that can assist you with all your remodeling needs.

1. DecorMatters

Powered by both augmented reality and artificial intelligence, DecorMatters enables users to pick furniture and other decorative items to create a captured visualization of what their chosen spaces can look like. And with the help of artificial intelligence, the app’s algorithm provides users with relevant design and product recommendations based on their preferences. DecorMatters also allows users to engage in a collaborative process with professional interior designers who can assist you on all your decorating needs if you aren’t convinced yet. Available to you for free on the App Store, this app is a necessity for all your design endeavors.

2. Houzz 

Houzz 3D tool: interior design ideas
Photo by Houzz

Used by over 40 million homeowners, design enthusiasts, and home improvement professionals worldwide, Houzz covers all your remodeling and decorating requirements. Rather you are browsing for inspiration, looking to shop for furnishing, or ready to completely start your renovation process, Houzz has you taken care of providing all those services at your fingertips. On top of these amenities, the app lets you contact and work with architects, designers, and contractors who offer support. Houzz is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play

3. Dulux Visualizer 

Dulux Visualizer Re-design Concept by jinal mehta on Dribbble
Photo by Dribble

Choosing what color to paint your walls can often be a frustrating experience. And mini paint samples may not always provide you with the clear visualizations needed. With Dulux Visualizer, the color picking technology it offers makes it easier than ever before. The app allows users to pick through various colors and see them applied in real-time to their desired space. Dulux Visualizer also offers compatible color schemes to help complete your room’s destined transformation. With over a million downloads, the Dulux Visualizer is free to you on the App Store and Google Play.

4. AirMeasure 

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While buying furniture or any decor pieces, measurements often need to be accounted for. Luckily, AirMeasure, available for free on any Apple or Android device, can help guide you through all your measuring ventures. With the help of a provided digital measuring tape, all users have to do is direct their phone to the desired area, tap the measuring tape from top to bottom, and the app will automatically calculate the distance. Thanks to the AirMeasure app, conducting accurate measurements no longer have to be a stress-inducing task.

5. Room Planner: Design for IKEA 

Ikea Place AR app for iPhone
Photo by IKEA

When it comes to buying all our decor needs, IKEA tends to be the first store we visit. And those of us familiar with this retailer know just how frustrating the experience there can get. Fortunately, IKEA has created an app that lets users drag and drop furnishings of their choice that can be altered to fit your spaces size. Once users are satisfied with their arrangement, the app allows them to hold their items which they can later pick up at their nearest IKEA store. From there, store associates are happy to assist you with any final planning and design advice before completing your purchase to make your plan a reality. The Room Planner: Design for IKEA is available to you on the App Store, as well as their website

With the help of these augmented reality apps intended for all things home design, your remodeling aspirations no longer have to be unnerving. And while you begin to embark on this journey, have a look at a few of our go-to guides that’ll help you gather some inspiration through your creative process. 

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