Getting Ready for the Holidays in July

I am thrilled to kick off our holiday series a little early this year with my friend Sierra from Basic Invite. Sierra is a publicist for Basic Invite based in St. George, Utah. She loves her dog, chocolate, and writing about herself in third person. If you already have holiday prepping on the brain, this post is for you!

Photos provided by: Basic Invite

I absolutely love the holidays! Fall is my favorite season, and it seems like there’s always something going on from Halloween until New Year’s Day. I know the holiday season is still several months away, but quarantine and social distancing have got me desperate for something to look forward to. So let’s put away our pandemic blues and get out the holiday cheer! We could all certainly use some cheer right now.

The first holiday to start planning for is Halloween. It’s my personal favorite holiday because my birthday is the day before. The best way to prep for this holiday in summer is to figure out costumes. If you have kids, you can do a group costume as a family. Star Wars always makes for an adorable, easy family costume. Mom and Dad as Leia and Han, your kids as Jedi, and if you have a baby, you can dress them up as Yoda. Another fun family costume is superheroes. There are a ton of different Marvel characters you could do together, and everyone could pick their favorite character to cosplay as. If you start planning now, you’ll have plenty of time to put together an awesome family costume. 

The next holiday to prep for is Thanksgiving. Trying to figure out a Thanksgiving dinner plan is always super stressful to do last minute, but it’ll be easier if you start now. Turkey is a must, of course. It’s the side dishes that are a pain. My favorites are cheesy mashed potatoes, with extra cheese, and dressing. Thankfully, you can make both of these things from a box. That’s what I do every year, and no one has to know I didn’t make them from scratch. Other side dish ideas are salads, collared greens, and honey-ginger carrots. I hope a few of these ideas here won’t be too stressful to throw together when the time comes. And if you have to end up using boxed mashed potatoes, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Christmas is the next holiday I’m really looking forward to. I love making holiday cards for my friends and family every year. And yes, I have already started making the cards I plan to send out in December. My favorite place to get holiday cards is Basic Invite. I love that I can customize all of their designs exactly how I want to. I’m planning on creating this year’s family holiday card with a picture of me and my (fur) baby dressed in our Halloween costumes. If I’m coming up with an awesome family Halloween costume, I’m using those pictures wherever possible. Basic Invite also has quite a few simple christmas cards as well as elegant Christmas party invitations perfect for your big holiday bash. Whatever your style, you’re bound to find the right holiday card for you and your family.

I know that life is hard for all of us right now, but hopefully a little holiday prep can help lift our spirits. When you’re done planning for fall, try a few of these social distancing ideas. They will definitely give your mood a much needed boost. Please remember to stay safe and healthy during this difficult times. 

About Basic Invite

Basic Invite is an online stationery company. All of their invitation templates are customizable, with over 180 different colors to choose from. Many of their designs have gold, silver, and rose gold foil options. Check out their wedding invites, business cards, and holiday cards. Your friends and family are sure to love them! 

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    I love this! Halloween is my favorite holiday too because my birthday is the day after (Nov. 1st)!! How funny 😊
    Around this time is when I normally look to the fall to start planning for the craziness the holidays bring. I always try and buy Christmas presents this time of year to avoid the crowds in December!

    Thanks for sharing!

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