8 Dreamy Kitchens With Standout Appliances

There are definitely some drawbacks with living in apartment rentals. One of the main being you don’t have much say or control over the design. Some of my current apartment’s features match what I like — dark cabinets, stainless steel appliances, etc. But I’m honestly looking forward to the day where I can do up my home’s kitchen to truly match my vision. I have pinned countless of images imagining what I’d like to eventually do with my own space. From the light fixtures to the refrigerator, you name it, I have an idea of what I want when it comes to appliances. And if you’re anything like me where you can walk into a space and be turned away because of the appliances, they matter to you too.

Farewell to the days of paneled pieces that supposedly compliment the cabinets. The spaces below prove that in today’s kitchen, your appliances deserve to shine.

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An emerald green kitchen with gold fixture accents

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Retro-inspired cottage paired with a sweet coral refrigerator

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Trendsetting aqua stove with steel hardware

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A modern kitchen with matte black dishwasher by Café

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A bright orange stove with dark cabinetry

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A stainless steel double-stove in a navy pattern-filled kitchen

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A white AGA range cooker to match the brick in the Nordic kitchen

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Copper farmhouse apron sink with coordinating faucet

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