Making a House a Home: A Personal Touch

Ever since October, I have been obsessing over every thing related to home design and decor. Two weeks haven’t passed without me strolling down some kind of shopping aisle, looking for goodies for my apartment.

Target ✓ HomeGoods ✓ Ross ✓ Marshall’s ✓ IKEA ✓ — to name a few. Sanetra in her earlier years would’ve been trying to resist the Forever21 sales and picking out her next pair of shoes to fill her collection…and now here I am, eyeing up silverware sets and stroking linen curtains. It’s safe to say I have a slight problem.

Enough of that. Apart from my newfound adoration, I’m kicking off my spring clean and (almost) hanging up the decor that’s just been lounging around, so my comfy apartment is feeling more like home than ever. When you live in a rented space, it can often feel unfamiliar and fairly neutral with blank walls and the feels of previous tenants lingering in empty corners. But it’s all about those personal touches that make your house (or cozy apartment) a home.

I’ve always loved texture. The feel of my soft, plush blankets, the crunch of pecans (in a pint of ice cream, duh), the warmth of freshly washed sheets – I immediately run to put them on the bed once the drying cycle ends. So naturally I aim to fill my home with various textures. They not only satisfy my inner need to be swaddled in something soft but create a visual feast that pleases my distracted eye.

Here are a few other of my favorite things that make up what I call “Sanetra’s Palace”:

My apartment feels like my own idea of vibrant chic that not only creates a welcoming energy but also gives hints of rich luxury (well, almost). Kick your feet up and stretch out on the sectional with a glass of red wine… Because here, you’ll feel at home.

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