Tips for Applying Minimalism to Your Style

For many, the design of our space is as important as our fashion and style. What we idolize about our lifestyles are usually reflected in this but when we acquire a blank canvas, such as our home, it can accumulate with evidence of our favorite activities, hobbies, memories… the list goes on. While this is a part of life, you may be wondering how much is enough and what is too much. Through those seasonal once-overs and intermittent purging, are you truly ridding and replacing items with others of similar importance? If you’re feeling like you may not be doing it often enough, the trend of minimalism may be for you. Keep reading for how you can adopt the lifestyle.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism to an outlier may seem empty, and maybe even unsubstantiated. So, why would you incorporate it into an already coveted lifestyle? Is it sensationalized and really only applies to those that can no longer bear the sight of over-stuffed cabinets and ceiling scraping storage bins? Well, for those who have not grasped minimalism, it can be factored into many things.

It doesn’t have provisions — it can be as simple as cutting out the fluff and getting back to basics or organizing in a more efficient way. Whatever you decide, take the less is more philosophy, which some apply to skincare even. And like a trending new moisturizer, you apply it until you see the results.

How can I apply minimalism to my style?

You’re probably thinking you have to go full Marie Kondo and strip away your entire identity. This is definitely not the case. It’s easy to build misconceptions about minimalism, but it’s whatever you want it to mean, and however you want it to be applied to your lifestyle.

Why want minimalism in your style? Think of how your style developed through years of influence and exploration. Personal style is ever changing and so much tends to be filtered out through experimentation. Minimalism in your style is active filtering with the concept of quality over quantity, but without the idea of expensive over cheap. A knick knack can be of quality, if it earns display. Whether a single item is trendy or novel, it can wound up being too much and not enough at the same time.

Minimalism is being mindful of the possessions you own. It could mean getting rid of furniture with little practicality, limiting shoes and wardrobe pieces with little versatility and priority, while managing to avoid the unintentional accumulation of stuff. Plus, if you’re a fan of well-curated décor, this style may be right up your alley. It is abstract and way beyond counting things owned, but more so mutes, neutrals and blacks. It can be customized in ways that do not limit expression but refine it.

P.S. — You’ll also have a new reason to revamp your space (within a minimal budget, of course).

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