5 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Spring has finally come to rescue us from a tough winter. It is such a wonderful reminder that life will continue to bloom, even after a cold and harsh season. Last spring wasn’t our best, so let’s make up for it by welcoming all of that revitalizing spring energy into our homes this year. Keep reading on for 5 simple design tips to make room in your home for positive spring vibes.

1. Bring fresh flowers or plants inside

No need to wait for April showers to bring you May flowers. Having fresh flowers and plants in your home will nourish the air with increased oxygen levels, and brighten up any area in a room or piece of furniture. 

Plenty of flowers are now in their peak season, so check out what your local florist or garden store has in stock. Tulips and daffodils are just two types of gorgeous, vibrant flowers that are staples in spring decorations. Keep it simple by setting flowers in a vase in any area that could use a little pick-me-up, or create your own elegant floral arrangements.

2. Get a new doormat

You need to do this in order to literally welcome spring into your home. Imagine spring walking right through your front door — do you want it to be welcomed by some dirty old mat that still has snowmelt on it? 

Make way for a smooth welcoming with a fresh doormat that brightens up your doorway and/or porch. Need some inspiration? Check out this helpful list of adorable welcome mats categorized by design.

3. Change your shower curtain

You’d be surprised by how much your shower curtain can affect your everyday mood. It’s important that you find one that will make you smile every morning that you see it.

My bathroom is pretty dull: white tub and toilet, beige walls, etc. So, I tend to use shower curtains that add more excitement and color to the space. I like to change it any time there is a new season… or when I’m just feeling spontaneous.

This is the curtain I currently have up in my bathroom. I love patterns like this in my bathroom because the design and colors are so simple and earthy.

4. Add pops of color

It seems natural that many of us retreat to more muted hues during winter. They’re more comforting than loud colors. However, it’s time to wake our eyes up to the colors of spring! 

Some of the most effective places to add color in your home are with your bedding, throw pillows and table settings. Go for timeless spring colors like pastels, pinks, purples, oranges, greens or blues. Or maybe keep your space on trend with the most in-demand colors of this spring.

5. Repaint a room

Why not act like it’s spring all year? Go ahead and paint any room in the house that you feel could use a facelift. Browse through the top paint trends of this spring and pick a color that reminds you of this sunny and vibrant season. These colors would especially look gorgeous in rooms with large windows where sunlight can pour through and illuminate the walls. 

Even if you’re not a fan of seasonal specific styling, you can still use the change of seasons as a signal to rearrange, revive, and organize your space. These spring design tips will freshen up your home and carry into the summer.

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