6 Simple Ways to Spruce Up a Fireplace Mantel

What’s there not to love about a fireplace? It’s there for you when you’re hoping for a cozy night in with a book and drink of your choice or when you’re binging the latest trendy Netflix series. Or if you’re like me and likely use your fireplace (faux or not) strictly for it’s aesthetic, a mantel is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your decor dreams. Whether you’re contemplating a mid-century modern look or traditional styling, or maybe even a happy blend of both, this guide will help to spruce up your fireplace mantel and create the ideal focal point in your room. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 6 design ideas that are sure to warm you up and create an undeniable relaxing ambiance.

1. Add a round mirror

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A round or oval mirror will give the room a hint of elegance and soften it up a bit. Too many straight lines/squares in a room can cause dullness and make the room boring. This is why adding a circular mirror, especially over the fireplace, is the perfect way to give the room more organic curves.

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2. Fill the space with a statement piece

You don’t have to be some know-it-all fine art connoisseur to feature art you love in your home, and above your mantel is a great place to showcase your artistic taste. Whether it’s a large piece of canvas art or a framed piece, decorating with art is an awesome way to display part of your personality and inject flavor into your fireplace setup.

3. Feature multiple pairings

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When clustering several small items on a fireplace mantel, it helps to play around with different shapes, textures, patterns, and tones. Having different heights and widths will help fill the space and help your eyes move from piece to piece more harmoniously.

4. Stagger artwork or framed photos

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Don’t be afraid to stagger your artwork or photos in front of each other — this will draw the eye in and add depth to the styling. The key to staggering is to make sure the pieces vary in height and width.

5. Keep it simple

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If you prefer a more classic styling, maybe try adding a bit of greenery, candlesticks, or your favorite sculpture to the mantel. Keeping the fireplace mantel’s accessories at a minimum will create a balanced, subtle, and coordinated look.

6. Style with an oversized clock

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A stylish timepiece is a great (and practical) object to add above your mantel to decorate the empty wall space. This addition will instantly upgrade the room’s feel to one of a luxury home. 

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