Diary of 10 Questions

I’m not really one to tackle my inner feelings and openly express them, but a recent journal project became therapeutic enough for me to share its greater lesson.

A lot of times we become so overwhelmed with life’s daily joys, tribulations, and other occurrences that a moment of reflection does not stand a chance in happening. I know since I graduated my mind has been all over the place and my emotions have been put through the wringer.

So, hopefully the rest of this ’10 Question Challenge’ will put me at ease and remind me why I am the perfectly flawed human that shouldn’t be frightened by sensibility.

Here’s the list:

Question #1: What makes you happy?

Question #2: What makes you sad?

Question #3: What excites you the most?

Question #4: What terrifies you about the future?

Question #5: Are you holding onto something of the past?

Question #6: What is ‘forgiveness’ to you?

Question #7: Where do you see yourself in the next year, five, and/or ten?

Question #8: What’s filling your mental space?

Question #9: What’s on your vision board/bucket list?

Question #10: How do you want to be remembered?

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