Free Your Mind With This April Playlist

I sometimes think about how growth is far from being considered a linear path. Can anyone really say they’re exactly in the position they expected to be 10 years ago (or even 1-5 years ago)? I remember agonizing over decisions like which college to go to or which major to take up, as if it were the sole determinant of my life’s outcome. When we reflect on those “integral moments” or path in life, I think there’s a lot of unnecessary (*whispers* societal) pressure that we place on ourselves. Our minds are overloaded with these huge decisions that we believe will massively alter the trajectory of our course or outcomes.

But in all actuality, I believe the things that truly move the needle in our path of life are the endless chains of micro-decisions we make every second and minute of the day.

We are constantly changing and recalibrating our path with every small decision and move we make on a daily basis. And that’s why I believe that instead of getting paralyzed by these seemingly pivotal, life-changing decisions that will determine our life’s growth, we can instead adopt a growth mindset that can almost always ensure we are on our path of highest excitement and exponential growth both personally and professionally. 

This month’s playlist highlights the growth mindset. Music does more than entertain — it has the strength to open our minds, alter our perspectives, move us emotionally, and boost our well-being (among other amazing things) . The decisions we make are often emotionally influenced, so I’ve gather up a toolkit of lyrically motivating and rhythmically empowering tunes to keep you in an inspired, bold growth mindset! Listen in to our growth playlist the entire month and tune into the A Rich Lifestyle station for other cool, theme-based playlists.

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