Opening a New Door

Between vision boarding and couch potatoing, post-grad life has been a big bubble of beautiful confusion. One moment I have it all together, the next I don’t. I completely understand the whole “your 20s are supposed to be when you do all of the hard work.” But what happens when you are steadily trying to find ways to use your passion and turn it into a profit? Well, your own mind submerges you in thoughts made up of dreams and doubts.

I knew that college was the right path for me. Military? Eh, no. Staying at home? Not even an option. What I did not know is that the major I chose to pursue would fall into question by many. Like, “You do know that is a competitive field, right?” “You do know that career doesn’t pay well, right?” “You do know…” YES! I am fully aware of all of these things. My question is you do know that money doesn’t equate to happiness, right? Sure, life would be a lot easier if I went to school for a professional degree.

The job search would be challenging, but my field would be booming with opportunities. I would be financially comfortable and do the usual set schedule.

For others, this would be ideal. For me, ideal isn’t what I am looking for.

Everyone has a dream. However, it flushes away because of what we are told. In order to survive in this cruel, yet beautiful world, we must give up something if we want to advance. What’s the first to go? Your annual salary or your dream?

I once wasn’t the dreamer I have become today. It had its initial stages of blossoming, but fear casted its shadows and the dream faded. A kid with a mind of her own but needed the acceptance from others.

I wanted to be a relationship counselor, cosmetologist (bad idea), real estate agent, and even a music executive – only problem is these careers do not equate to instant financial success. That’s what I was told was important. So, what did I do? Turned my back and steadily walked away. After all, the world’s target isn’t aimed at these fields so why was mine?

And what do they all have in common? They all require hard work from the ground up. Is that what I was scared of? Starting and falling flat on my face? Indubitably.  But how could I start if I never even began?

Fear is going to be in the background of nearly every decision we make. Failure, on the other hand, is the way of kicking fear’s behind because you at least tried. Fulfillment comes along when you don’t let either one of these get the best of you. You pick up the pieces and keep truckin’.

Since when did my dream need the approval of others in order to begin its process of flourishing? When I asked myself this is when I began to truly put forth the effort in bringing it to life instead of holding it captive with the key dangling in its face.

I am sure there are many out there that still believe you cannot be stuck on a dream that is not doing anything for you now. I am sure there are many out there that still believe the dream is not always about now but more so about what it takes to make it go from now to forever.

The dreamer is the person who is bold enough to seek out and own their individualism even when the world tells them otherwise.

I can’t be held accountable for those who choose to pursue something outside of their passion. I can only take advantage of my gifts and ask in my final days if I have used everything that was given to me.

Ah, the year of 22.

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