Hello to January Playlist

January 4, 2020

We all know the saying, “New Year, New You.” Sure, it’s an appealing, inspiring concept. But, I think we all know that just because it’s the start of a new year doesn’t automatically mean a new version of ourselves will just appear. If it were only as easy as it sounds! The reality is dreams […]


6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Career This Year

January 1, 2020

The new year brings something that’s truly incomparable. It creates a time for reflection, gives a sense of a mental refresh, and shows that some goals are not best served cold. It’s a reminder that you need to design a plan that helps you consciously move forward and closer to any career goals you want […]


Gift Guide: For the Guy in Your Life

December 14, 2019

I’ve truly had the time of my life creating these guides, because why not spend hours on graphic design, haha. I know exactly how challenging it can be to come up with thoughtful gift ideas that are for the special man/men in your life, while remaining on a budget. Most of my picks for this […]


Gift Guide: For Your Best Girlfriend or Mom

December 11, 2019

Now that Christmas is 14 days away, I thought I would dish out a couple Christmas Gift Guides to help you shop for those special people in your life. I assume a lot of you will be either be putting up those last-minute Christmas decorations (like me) or doing some holiday shopping. Today we’re focusing […]


Farewell to the End of an Era with Our December Playlist

December 8, 2019

December is here, welcoming the start of holiday season and the countdown to the end of a chaotic, roller coaster year! It’s the season to get you in those seasonal feels and to check off all the remaining to-dos. But the end of this year is a little bit different, as it marks the closing of a […]


5 Winter Manicure and Pedicure Combinations

December 6, 2019

For as long as I can remember, painting my nails has been one of my faaavorite pastimes. While I do like the consistency of the same color on my hands and toes, sometimes I enjoy pulling a switcharoo and playing with polishes that compliment each other. Here are five of my favorite fusions for the […]


Things I Learned About Life Over the Decade

December 1, 2019

Lately, I’ve found myself in a constant state of self-reflection. A transition period, if you will. I’m naturally an over-thinker, but this is a different feeling. I’m seeing a shift. My perspectives are changing. Confidence in myself is growing. I’m doing the things that I’d put on the backburner for years. The belief that no […]


The Key to Asking for What You Want

November 25, 2019

This past February I made my somewhat “big” career decision. I left my first 9-5 office job since college. But making that decision definitely wasn’t easy at first. You see, working in a small marketing agency was certainly a formative experience for me both personally and professionally. I met some wonderful people, nurtured & shaped […]


7 of the Best Beauty Finds at Target

November 18, 2019

If I had to be completely honest with you, there are only a few things I can think of that are more satisfying than shopping at Target. Even though most of my buys are a direct result of my impulsiveness, it is truly a therapeutic experience. Yes, I am one of “those” people that you […]