9 Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Make You the Favorite

I still haven’t quite figured out why the men in my life, specifically dad, are the absolute hardest customers to shop for. Maybe it’s because they tend to just buy whatever it is they want for themselves. Or maybe it’s because they don’t expect much or anything at all when it comes to gifts. Whatever the case, Father’s Day continues to take the cake for one of the most difficult days to shop for and we all become comfortable in the idea of gifting a pair of slippers. I’ve scoured the web for nine gifts that say all the right things: relaxed, thoughtful, classic, charismatic. Whether he’s firing up the grill, working in the yard, or just kicking back with a great read, we’re making sure that Dad is prepared no matter what he wants to do with his Saturdays.

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Night Stand Organizer

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Whiskey Decanter Set

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Weekend Duffle Bag

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Deluxe Grilling Kit

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Automatic Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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Home Tool Kit

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Al Green’s Greatest Hits on Vinyl

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TriggerPoint Foam Roller

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Bifold Leather Wallet

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