Opposites Attract…or Do They?

Some folks say opposites attract. Others say not quite. I’m neutral. I’ve dated both ends of the spectrum and believe there’s truth to each side. As of late, I’ve been really interested in personality types and how well they mesh in intimate relationships. So to put this theory to the test, my beau and I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test and learned our fate. *cues dramatic music*

He’s an ENFP, I’m an INFJ. It’s made for a harmonious relationship. I’m fairly analytical for a feeler and he’s pretty in-tune emotionally for a thinker. I’m all about ideas and possibilities and he’s very practical and grounded in the present. His world is black and white and I inhabit the grey area. I am a highly sensitive person, deeply empathetic, thinks big picture and tend to get overwhelmed by sensory experiences. He is rational, scarily passionate, detail-oriented and wants the facts.

I believe in many ways that opposites attract for a reason. With age and experience, I’ve come to realize that we often choose our partners because we are trying to heal something within ourselves or we are aiming to grow. If I had chosen someone just like me, I wouldn’t necessarily experience growth or vice versa. Sure, it makes the time when we’re having a difficulty a bit tougher (sometimes I wonder if we are living on different planets). We usually come to the same conclusions on things, but our primary difference is how we get to our decisions and how we move through life. But in our differences, we nudge one another toward our truer selves.

Someone once described the opposites attract phenomenon as beautiful because as  a couple, you have no blind spots. It’s a lovely way of approaching what can be maddening differences.

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