Sleeping Beauty: 4 Tips to Better Sleep

As someone who encourages a healthy lifestyle, you’d think I’d be a total walking testament of the ultimate clean life. Unfortunately, there are a couple areas of my life where I fall short and am fiercely trying to get together. One involves the urge to indulge in all things sweet, the other involves my sleeping habits. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never been a complete early bird and rarely get the worm. I used to be the night owl (still don’t know what they get) in my college years, but now I’m somewhere in the middle.

On an average night, I usually hit the hay around 10pm but don’t actually drift into slumber until 12am, maybe even 1am. All thanks to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for the eventful couple of hours. As most working professionals, my morning alarm can vary from 6:30am to 8:30am (I do try to wake up right in the middle of this timeframe). You might say that’s enough sleep to work full days, but the fact that the pattern is inconsistent is what’s the issue. So as of late, I have been trying to incorporate a few tactics that will help me achieve a more regular sleeping pattern. Allow me to introduce you to some of those tips and tricks:

1. Put. The. Phone. Down.

All things technology, power down. We’ve heard this a million times over but do we actually follow the advice? I’m not saying you have to go place your phone and other devices in another room but take bedtime seriously. If you’re like me, you probably spend countless hours scrolling up and down your timeline (or stalking your fave’s fave). And guess what? That content will be still be there in the morning. So there’s really no need for you to spend your bedtime doing this. Give it a go tonight and see if your slumber improves.

2. Create a Soothing Ambience

One of my favorite things to do a few hours before bed is light a candle. It fills my room with a calming, yummy aroma that puts me in a tranquil state and prepares me for well rested night of sleep. I absolutely love the Snuggly Sweat candle from Target (by way of Chesapeake Bay). The Snuggly Sweater candle holds hints of wool, vanilla, lavender, musk, and rose. These fragrances definitely ease your mood and will bring the body to full relaxation.

3. Give Yourself a Set Bedtime

Unless you are on the night shift at work (or out painting the town red with your girls), setting yourself a regular bedtime, like 10pm, will do you much good. Jump in the shower, do your skincare routine, put on your pajamas and get into bed at that time, without fail, every single night. Irregular bedtimes will confuse your natural body clock and make it 10x more difficult for it to shut down and get you to sleep.

4. Sip on Something Warm

Ever since I was little, I’ve been in the habit of partaking in a li’ something something before bed. It usually was something sweet (wouldn’t be me if otherwise). Nowadays I’ve moved towards having warm beverages before bed to calm my body and mind. I love drinking chamomile tea with lavender for their sedative benefits, but I also finds it really hits the sweet spot if you put a dash of honey in it!

Sweet Dreams!

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