The Evolution of Lipstick Trends Through the Ages

What’s your go-to shade of lipstick? You know, the one that’s a staple in your makeup bag. Are you a timeless vintage red kind of gal or do you prefer a simple neutral gloss? Let’s take a stroll down history lane, look at some of the lipstick trends through the decades, and see how some of Hollywood’s beauties wore theirs.

Pucker up.

Without a doubt, Eartha Kitt was a beauty icon of the 1950s. The original “material girl,” if you will. Her look was the envy amongst many women and the style that they all tried to recreate at home. Similar to the 1940s, lips remained voluptuous whilst staying close to the natural shape. Stars such as Dorothy Dandridge and Eartha Kitt enjoyed the popular trends of the day and wore bright reds and pinks.

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During an era of hippie love and flower power, a soft yet full pout went hand in hand in the 1960s. Aretha Franklin is the perfect example of the favorable lip shape in the 1960s with her full, natural lips. Women began to experiment more with their lip colors, from whites and frosted pinks, to slightly unusual colors, such as oranges and peaches.

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As common for the previous decades, women continued to rock the full yet natural pout during the 1970s. However, unlike the 1960s when women began to introduce more unusual lip colors, the 1970s was all about the gloss. To epitomize the young disco scene at the time, ladies would add layers and layers of gloss to their pouts. Hollywood sirens such as Chaka Khan and Donna Summer, well known for their natural styles, would add gloss to enhance their lips and pull off a natural, yet feminine look.

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A change did come in the 1980s. During a time when electric blue eye shadow and big hair was all the new, make up transformed into standing out from the crowd. Lips would be wide, rather than pouty, and dark.

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Lips in the 1990s would often be paired with plenty of dark lip liner, mostly reds and browns. Starlets such as Nia Long and Brandy Norwood saw a more natural approach to lips during the late 90s, with brown lipstick and gloss making a revival.

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Gloss made a major comeback in the 2000s. I mean, it was THAT girl. Nude, glossy lips were trending, the smokey eye was a must (see Aaliyah below), glitter was taking over the fashion, and everyone was still panicking over what to do with their brows. The first decade of the millennia definitely gave us the most iconic beauty looks.

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