The Guide to a Complete Self-Care Day

What does it mean to really take care of yourself? Despite what you may see across Instagram, you don’t have to schedule a spa day, book a yoga retreat, or do a 2-week juice cleanse. All in all, self-care is about limiting stress and rejuvenating. It’s a way to recharge your mental, emotional, and physical energy and recognizing your self-value. Ignoring these moments in our regular routine will eventually leave us with serious burn out, anxiety, empty.

As much as we may want to take better care of ourselves, do we actually follow through with it? There’s a big difference between recognizing the importance of self-care and actually making it a part of our daily lives. Like I said earlier, self-care doesn’t require you to spend a hundred bucks. Keep reading for 4 simple ways to incorporate self-care into your routine so you can wake up and channel your #innerrichgirl every single day.

1. Deal with Your Emotions

How can you really be present and there for the people you love? By making sure you’re dealing with your own stuff first. Self-care is vital to your mental health and wellness, and taking time to listen to your body and what you need is the most important step. It’s OK to put yourself first.

Maybe you need to process any negative feelings that’ve been lurking around – take a moment to work through them, don’t rush or ignore them altogether. Dealing with your feelings can help you slow down and think more clearly.

2. Be Comfortable Saying No

Along with putting yourself first comes with setting limits with your time and how you distribute it. I, sometimes, am guilty of taking on way too much. Partly because I think I can do it all, but let me tell you… that desire to manage everything has left me with a pile of anxiety, stress, and irritability. Your mental and emotional energy drastically depletes when you do too much for too long without a moment to breathe.

By practicing self-care and prioritizing our needs, we give ourselves a chance to step away and take a break, avoiding burnout. Instead of going out to dinner with friends, maybe you need a hot bubble bath or a solo cycle class. Or maybe you need a cup of coffee and a good novel to dive into without any distractions.

Remember it’s not just our physical space and energy that are disrupted by doing too much for too long; it’s also our productivity levels and mental clarity.

3. Treat Yourself… Daily.

Instead of designating one day a week for that “cheat meal” or guilty pleasure, do something every day that simply makes you happy. As a sweets lover, I’ve learned that having a few bites every day leaves me and my sweet tooth completely satisfied. I take way more pleasure from treating myself to one piece of chocolate and fully taking in the moment, instead of mindlessly chowing on a bag of candy.

Other ways I like to treat myself daily? Eating snacks in bed while watching Love Island UK on a Wednesday or listening to an entertaining

podcast during my morning routine. The key to these daily treats is that they’re for no other reason than making you happy — and that you do them wholeheartedly, without feeling like you’re wasting time or should be doing something more “productive” instead.

4. Be Quiet.

Sitting down to meditate, journal, or pray for even just a few minutes a day has a whole list of scientifically-proven health benefits. Carving out 10-20 minutes to get quiet and focus your attention inward can help boost resilience and emotional wellbeing when presented with stressful situations throughout the day.

You can try deep breathing exercises, repeating a mantra, or if you’re like me and need some kind of noise, just go sit outside for a few minutes to help you re-center.

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