Creating Long Lasting Habits

I’m a huge proponent of finding something that works for you and sticking with it. Often times we get so caught up in the mix that we overlook what’s positively impacting our lives and how. Although I’m still learning, drafting up a daily routine is both the key strategy to building habits and keeping said habits around for the long-run.

Find Your One Thing

Yes, one. Imagine trying to alter your daily routine by adding or subtracting three of the most important tasks. You imagined a disaster, right? Numerically prioritize your goals then think of the one habit you want to incorporate into achieving that first goal. Once you’ve mastered that goal, you can move onto the next and develop a strategy to getting there. It’s so enticing to go cold turkey with everything and try to make over your entire life, but believe me, this isn’t the route you want to go. Directing your focus on one target is the best way to truly guarantee a new habit becomes a part of your routine.

Be Honest with Yourself

It’s definitely not recommended to throw yourself into the middle of a brand new habit. That’s why habit building is a thing. As the old saying goes, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. My usual way of going about this is by starting off small. I know that I get easily burned out if I try to conquer it all, so I choose to pace myself bit by bit. If your ultimate end goal is to become an author, write a paragraph each day. If you want to learn a new language, practice for 20 minutes daily. This will create a steady pattern, rather than doing each activity for 3 hours on the weekend and then brushing it aside for the rest of the week. Set reasonable expectations with yourself. And don’t think you’re some superhero that has to accomplish everything right in that moment.

Commit for 21 Days

Devote yourself to this new activity for 21 days and you’ll notice how the struggle you once may have experience begins to disappear. Granted, there will be many different theories on the time it takes to develop a habit, depending on each individual’s experience. And it does depend on the overall goal, however, I believe in 21 days minimum to build the habit’s foundation. If you dedicate time towards your new habit every day for three weeks, it will start to become programmed in your brain. You won’t feel forced to have enough energy to workout or to write a page in that book. The behavior will be a part of your daily routine. And from there, you’ll be on your way to greatness!

Don’t Allow Distractions to Win

Truth be told, putting in effort some days does not come easy. You’re going to want to roll your eyes at the thought of doing that particular task because you’d rather be doing something else instead. Don’t.  Allow room for your new habit and kick out that old way of thinking. This may be a drastic comparison, but just how you make time to eat each day, keep that same energy when it’s time to build towards your new habit.

Well friends, I hope these points lead you to changed behavior and healthy habits! Let me know how the journey is for you. ❤️

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