Farewell to the End of an Era with Our December Playlist

December is here, welcoming the start of holiday season and the countdown to the end of a chaotic, roller coaster year! It’s the season to get you in those seasonal feels and to check off all the remaining to-dos. But the end of this year is a little bit different, as it marks the closing of a defining decade. There’s no denying this decade was truly a whirlwind, personally and musically. Looking back on some of my favorite musical moments, I’m reminded of a few of the greatest times in history ⁠— Rebecca Black’s viral “It’s Friday, Friiiiday” song, Beyoncé’s surprise album (world stop), U2’s download to everyone’s Apple music, and Rihanna becoming a powerhouse.

While these are just a few that come to mind, the last decade in music has gotten me through the fun dancing nights out with my friends, the bad breakups, days of soul searching, early morning house chores, and even writing this post. So, I wanted to recap my decade of music and share it with you. Take a listen below and enjoy some of my all-time favorite tunes. And and don’t forget to subscribe to the A Rich Lifestyle music profile for monthly playlists!

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