Friday Five: Things I’m Loving This Month

Welcome to the weekend, loves! While I’m questioning how the heck is it Friday already, the other part of me wants to scream “TGIF” from a mountaintop. This week has been nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster — from a small glimmer of hope for accountability to another breaking news story of senseless injustice. It has all left me feeling drained and tired (again and again).

I’m definitely looking forward to taking a few deep breaths and relaxing over the next couple of days. Plus, there’s supposed to be heavy rain and limited sunshine in the forecast… which basically equates to lots of cuddles and TV binging. Here, in my bid to stay positive amidst it all, let me tell you about a few things I’m loving lately!

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I’ve been on the hunt for some cute chunky mule heels and came across these beauties. Though the square-toe trend is still growing on me, I could not resist this pair. The gold chain accent for sure makes ’em a winner in my book. Plus, they come in a variety of timeless colors, such as nude, red, and dark brown!

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I bought a set of these sports bras a few days ago and they definitely make the list of things I’m loving this month! They are by far the most supportive sports bras I own. They are undeniably comfortable and they definitely feel light enough to wear while lounging or working out. Plus, they have removable cup padding if you’re like me and don’t really care for them.

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I know that I’ve shared a lot of rom-coms to add to your watchlist, but I’m adding one more to the list – The Baker and the Beauty on Netflix. Highly addictive show about a regular Joe who meets an A-list celeb and they fall head over heels with each other. You’ll find yourself rooting for them by episode 2. Unfortunately, the ABC network cancelled the show last year, but I’m hoping another network (or maybe even Netflix) picks it up for a season two!

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I currently have this candle on my coffee table and it smells absolutely divine when it’s lit and when it’s not. It’s scent can work in just about any season and fills the room entirely for hours. I think it’s especially perfect for springtime when I’m craving a clean and inviting home. I have a sandalwood and a eucalyptus candle from the W+L brand and they are also unforgettable. Would recommend 100%!

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I love this basket from At Home and am still trying to think of the things I can add to it. Maybe extra sofa pillows or throw blankets? I paid somewhere between $30-$45 for it in-store, so it looks like it might now be discounted online! It’s a great size and the perfect fit beside my fireplace. If you have a space next to your TV stand or a nook you need to fill, this basket is the one! The V detail all throughout is perfection.

What some of the things you’re loving or simple pleasures you’re enjoying right now?

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