Friday Five: Things I’m Loving This Month

I am so excited to announce the launch of this brand new monthly series! Similar to our 2020 Mood Playlists, the Friday Five roundup is where I will be sharing my top favorite things that I’ve been loving (aka fangirl’ing) over the past month. From new trinkets and cool products to the latest shows & movies I’m watching, you’ll get a chance to discover the things you’ll want to add to your life and cart ASAP.

So, let’s dive into March. This month has been all about prioritizing and gravitating towards the things that make me happy and improving my health + wellbeing. Check out my list of five favorites (I’m talkin’ literal prized possessions) I’ve been absolutely loving on lately.

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Moment of honesty. A high water intake has always been a weak spot for me. I’ll sometimes get so wrapped up and carried away in my day that it slips my mind to hydrate. But I made a commitment to myself over the last month or so to increase the amount of water I drink per day. As of now, the goal is at least 64oz.

And that’s where Opard’s Reusable Water Bottle comes in handy to keep me on track. This beautiful opaque bottle is designed with motivational time markers that remind you to drink enough water throughout the day. Two refills with this gem and I’m at my daily hydration goal. Bonus: it’s BPA and toxin-free!

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There was a time when I found writing ideas & info down and all organizational things alike to be daunting because I thought it would be easier to just make a mental note. It also felt a bit like a chore. I’ve flipped the switch in the last year or two and now I desperately need to jot down due dates, appointments, to-dos, reminders, the list goes on. I got really excited about this monthly calendar from U Brands and scooped it up immediately. Completely fell in love with it’s gold trim and the fact it’s a dry erase board so I can wipe away & start over every month.

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It’s no secret I’ve been way obsessed with tulips for the bulk of my life. And what better way to showcase my adoration for this *stunning* flower than featuring it as one of my coffee table reads?! Jane Eastoe’s Tulips highlights a variety of tulips of all colors and sizes. A perfect book for all flower lovers, gardeners, and fans of lush flower photography. Highly recommend.

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I admit that I was skeptical of trying a facial hair remover and eyebrow trimmer, but as I get deeper into my twenties I’ve become more and more interested in trying out new beauty products (and beauty gadgets!). Plus, I’ve seen so many raving reviews about facial hair remover tools, I wanted to try it to see what all the hype was about.

My takeaway: I’m so glad I did! Novome’s Rechargeable Facial Hair Remover & Eyebrow Trimmer glides on so smoothly and gets rid of those pesky little hairs that pop up every now and again. If you’re still quarantining and haven’t had the opportunity to see your local waxer, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go. It works like a charm!

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The majority of my days are spent sitting in front of a computer or staring at my iPhone screen. I’m sure many of you feel me on this, especially with the start of full-time WFH! My quality of sleep, headaches and eye sight have suffered immensely over the years, so I’m trying to rack up on as many products that will rid me of these issues. Probably the most popular and widely searched item in the last year has been blue light blocking glasses. These glasses from MEETSUN have saved me from constant eye strain. They are lightweight and super cute! 10/10 recommend these. Your eyes will thank you.

And that’s a wrap! What five things are you trying out and loving this month? Let me know in the comments.

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