When Life Gives You…

It was easy for me to fall for a complete stranger. Without hesitation, I was in love with a man who isn’t one for monogamy. I understood what I was getting into. He had a lot to offer.

After a few dates, I realized we were polar opposites. My heart’s desire was loud & talkative, had a reputation that was continuously tainted, always had others flocking to Peachtree Street or Centennial Park just to get a piece of him, he moved faster than I expected, and he was short-tempered like no other I ever witnessed. Coincidentally, he would always tell me to be patient. Despite our differences, I never doubted him or wanted to walk away from what we were building.

Our relationship was nothing short of a constant rush. He introduced me to a part of life that I hadn’t known before. They told me he would be a ‘bad boy’ that your parents warned you about, but I saw the gentleman that lived within. I fell harder for him than any other that attempted to woo me. My lover was a daily motivation. He educated me on how and why I should break out of my shell. So many had their sights set on him, yet he managed to focus his attention on us. I was still willing to take full advantage of what he was presenting to me – an opportunity. The opportunity to find confidence, explore each God given talent, make them known, and add value to them.

On top of his great teachings, he courted me to some of the most pleasurable places. Long walks in the park, dining at mouthwatering eateries, the High Museum, performances at The Rialto Center & The Fox Theatre, dance-filled bar nights, rooftop views, historical events, we did it all. He made every moment magical. I looked forward to our next memory.

It saddens me to know that our time together will soon be coming to an end. I knew from the beginning forever wasn’t in the stars for us. I was a 20-year-old girl searching for something to direct me to focus, all while thrilling me. This man was the dose of medicine I needed to start and keep going.

I used to say we’d find our way to each other if it was meant to be. And we did. I knew he’d have this big personality that would fit mine like a glove. And he did.

It’s almost time for him to show the many others what I saw in him. And I will quickly dispel any rumors or misconceptions about my sweetheart. He isn’t the guy who you use for the easy way out. Despite what they’ve heard or seen, he’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Normally in breakups, things are returned. But everything you’ve given me is worth holding onto. I will, however, let you go to make someone else happy. Be even better for the next. But until then, let’s go out with a bang.

Atlanta mi amor, here’s to our (last) next coming months…

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