What’s the Truth?

What’s the ONE thing you are most afraid others will find out about you?

Maybe it’s something deep and serious, such as an addiction or traumatizing experience, or perhaps it’s something minute that you fear you’d be judged for (you purposely ignored your colleague’s email – or you got way too inebriated to remember the previous night. . . not judging here). There are those things that we knowingly avoid sharing with others because we’re afraid of risking being judged or how it’ll be perceived. We may even shut them down or fib to cover them up. And then we feel bad about telling the white lie, having to keep it up, and the web continues.

Lately I’ve been toying with the question of “what if we just said the thing(s) we’re afraid people might find out?”

While I’m somewhat weary about what others think of me, it wasn’t until a recent conversation with my boyfriend that really drove it home for me. Sometimes we get wrapped up in what others have to say or will think. Sure, there may be some kind of aftermath – you may hear critique, dislike, judgement. But ask yourself, why does it really matter?

To be quite frank, I’m not 100% sure what the purpose of this post is. It’s not some “X Tips” list for you to apply to your everyday life. It’s honestly just to spark a thought in you and release what’s on my mind.

So, I ask again. . . what’s something you’re afraid people might find out about you?

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