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One of a relationship’s key aspects is the emotional attachment, which comes with lots of expression. If you want to maintain the connection with your partner and lessen the chaos, conveying your emotions on an everyday basis is essential.


Sometimes we forget to tell a person we are constantly around “thank you.” We start to believe it does not need to be said because it is understood. Do not be mistaken. Your partner needs to know you appreciate them for all they do, not only for you, but for others as well. There is more than one way to show your gratitude – it could be through an easy home activity, such as cooking a romantic dinner for them.  Whatever it may be, your partner should feel like they are wanted.


A simple “I love you” can go a long way, and we tend to say it often as we are departing from someone or just because we feel obligated to. However, if you want to spice it up with more, add “I love you, and I also love how you…” Pay your partner compliments that will actually require you to take time out and think of your favorite qualities in him or her. Don’t be opposed to leaving cute notes around the house or sending warming and flirty text messages.


Sometimes you may have so much going on outside of your relationship, you become consumed with just that. Instead, make it a part of your daily habits to ask your partner about how their day is going/went. A way to avoid the redundancy is to actually be genuine in the conversation. Further it even more with questions about their current thoughts, such as “What’s on your mind?” Your interest in them will be clear.

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